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Why I stopped trying to be an expert

Early on in my career, my goal was to become an expert in digital marketing. I equated expertise with success because that’s what I was always taught.

Being an expert means you’re credible.

Being an expert means you’re the most trusted resource.

Being an expert means you’re always the go-to-guy (or lady).

I was confident that I was taking all the right steps on my quest to become an

expert. I read, wrote, ideated, created, strategized, led and developed. I won awards and even become that go-to-guy, but I still didn’t feel like an expert. And I definitely wasn’t old enough to become an expert, right?

As part of my company’s global leadership program, I was invited for a 2-day session at Hyper Island to learn about 'The Digital Mindset.' There, that I had an epiphany while listening to a talk that questioned the existence of experts.

How dare they question a title that I’ve been on a quest to achieve?

Then I took a step back.

We’re living in an unprecedented era of constant transformation. How does one become an expert in digital when the only constant is change?

From then on, my mindset has changed. Curiosity is now my north star. I stopped spending every day worrying about all the stuff I didn’t know, and started focusing on what I wanted to learn. I embraced the chaos of this world that we live in. I’m not afraid to say, “maybe," “I think," or “I’m not sure."

I’m done focusing on becoming an expert.

I’m an explorer.

No less drive, just a different outlook on my personal metric of success.

To all those professionals with #expert in your bio, sorry but you’re doing it wrong.

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